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Automated traffic control systems

TRAFFIC-SL is a smart road control system developed by Softline. It is one of the top three ATCS solutions in the Russian Federation.

Automated traffic control systems

Problems solved:

  • Increasing the speed of vehicles on the street and road network equipped with traffic lights.
  • Reducing the time required for Traffic Control Center employees to respond to traffic changes.


Benefits of TRAFFIC-SL by Softline:

  • A modern Russian-made open-source product with a unified web-based user interface.
  • Advantageous pricing policy for turnkey projects and low cost of system ownership.
  • Integration with the customer's IT solutions (ground transport navigation systems, traffic camera systems, road weather monitoring systems, parking lot management systems, etc.) and peripheral equipment from most vendors.
  • Scalability—expanding the range of tasks solved without a significant increase in computing capacity.
  • Modularity—optimal configuration for the customer's needs.
  • Available as a service from the MS Azure cloud.