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About us

  • $ 1 bln Turnover data for 2020
  • 50+ countries
  • 25+ years on the market
  • 5000+ employees in the company group

Softline is a leading global IT solution and service provider operating in the markets of Eastern Europe, America, and Asia. The company has offices in 95 cities and 50 countries of the world. Softline is a partner of over 3,000 software and hardware manufacturers and has the leading partner statuses with all the key vendors.

Its solutions and services for all categories of customers, devoting special attention to government projects and programs that improve the citizens' quality of life. One of such important directions for Softline is the Road Quality and Safety project, which is dedicated to building state-of-the-art transport infrastructure and ensuring road safety.

Transport accessibility, public transport comfort and convenience, safe movement on routes and highways in cities and beyond their borders, reduction of traffic congestion and emissions—all of the above are provided not only by new roads and infrastructure but also by the digital transformation of the entire road industry.

To solve this task, the federal project "System-Wide Measures for the Development of Road Infrastructure" includes a program for the implementation of smart transport systems for urban agglomerations. The federal project itself is a part of Transport System Development, a state program of the Russian Federation for 2020-2022, and the Road Quality and Safety national project.

“Our company has decided not only to work in the field of transport systems but also to actively invest in their development.”

Sergey Chernovolenko
Sergey Chernovolenko

Softline's Comprehensive Project Department focuses on projects for the development and operation of smart transport systems, expands its expertise in this area, and uses both state-of-the-art global practices and domestic developments.

Softline experts have many years of experience in implementing comprehensive large-scale projects for the digital transformation of transport infrastructure. They offer solutions for any issues related both to building intellectual transport infrastructure and keeping it up and running.